Founder & CEO of InternWorks
Description: Robin has more than 30 years of combined experience in business development, training, and consulting. Prior to founding InternWorks, Robin led the mentor acquisition initiative for a well-known, state-run career exploration program in Massachusetts. During that time, she recognized that a comprehensive internship program that includes guided support and structured educational components would best ensure that students have the right skills to succeed in their internships and future employment. In 2016, Robin assembled a team of experienced career education professionals to launch InternBoston, which soon became a successful on-site internship program in the Greater Boston area. In 2020, the company expanded and rebranded as InternWorks, adding both virtual and research internships. Robin leads her team in the implementation of all internship programs, student engagement, employer partner outreach efforts, and curriculum development. Robin brings passion, energy, dedication, and relationship-building expertise to build a broad and diverse array of committed employer partners. InternWorks partners range from start-ups to well-established companies, non-profits, research institutions, and top-tier universities.

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