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3 Tips for Getting Your Life Back into Balance This Summer

July marks the kick-off of a stress-free summer at EazyDone, but that isn’t always so easy to make happen. Oftentimes, after the first beach day of the summer, people create a laundry list of goals to complete over the following three months, and taking time with friends and family  gets pushed to the sidelines. 

One of our Do’ers, Deb Anderson, who is a Certified Life Coach, recently shared three simple ways to begin to achieve balance in your life and set your goals for the rest of summer 2023. Check out her tips below:

1. Slow It Down 

Deb explains that less can be more: “Sometimes we wear the Crazy Busy Badge as if it’s a good thing as if that’s the prize, but it leads to more stress than we actually want. So, Slow It Down, take a day or two off, breathe, and decide On Purpose exactly how busy you want to be.  When you say Yes to something, think about what you are saying No to.”

2. Write Down Your Thoughts

Deb shares that we can choose thoughts that cause us less stress. For example, “If you have a thought on repeat that sounds something like - ‘I hate my car, job, house, spouse, etc,’ examine it and find what you actually appreciate. ‘I like my car because it gets me from A to B, I like my job because it allows me to pay my bills, and I like my house because it provides shelter so that I can eat and sleep.’”

3. Find the thing that you do that creates stress and stop doing it 

Deb gives examples of “overeating and then complaining to yourself about the number on the scale, overdrinking and then regretting the hangover, over scrolling and not getting your work done.” As much as we may think we are not in control of what we do, we can actively choose not to give our power away to the activities that are preventing us from reaching our goals. 

To schedule a free 45-minute Zoom consultation and to find out more about Deb, check out her online profile on EazyDone. 

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