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The Story of EazyDone's Start-Up Launch with Founder + CEO, Abigail Auerbach-Perets

Updated: Mar 31

EazyDone was born out of necessity, all because of a SIM card.

In 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Abigail Auerbach-Perets’s dad needed help with his phone, and she was too far away to help. Abigail thought finding someone to replace her dad’s SIM card would be simple, but this task proved nearly impossible. 

Abigail spent hours she didn’t have texting friends, family, friends of friends, and anyone nearby to find someone close enough to where her father lived so they could pop in and help. Finding that “in” took forever. Once she was in, it was magic, and the offers of help started pouring in. 

“The process of reaching a community was so time-consuming in the hunt for someone to help my dad with such a simple task,” shared Abigail, “but once I tapped into a trusted community, everything was done in a flash.”

A busy professional and mom of three, Abigail knew that her experience wasn’t unique. Upon discovering the depth of this unmet and pressing need, she decided to put her experience to the task and launch EazyDone. With over 20 years of leadership positions at major retailers like H&M and Macy’s, Abigail applied her expertise in consumer behavior, business analysis, and growth strategies to launch EazyDone in 2022. Her goal is to help other busy parents find and book trusted Do’ers (service providers) recommended by the community. 

Over the last 18 months,  EazyDone has almost tripled in size. First launched in Newton, MA, EazyDone has partnered with the Kaiserman JCC in Philadelphia, and the connections keep growing. EazyDone is expanding in the Boston area, and we anticipate launching in other communities during the fall of 2024. 

Below, Abigail shares how she transforms a practical need into a necessary service.

Why is EazyDone so important?

“This wouldn’t have all started if I was not a busy, working mom. COVID-19 was a challenging time. I was caring for three kids while working from home and worrying about my parents living far away. It was also a time when communities were becoming more powerful, and we could see how a community could thrive during a crisis. Helping my father with his cell phone drove home the idea that finding trusted Do’ers (service providers) available when you need them needs to be automated. Once I started researching who operated in this space, I found that the community tech world was exploding. The numbers are backing up this need.”

How is EazyDone beneficial to busy parents and Do’ers (service providers)?

“EazyDone increases access to everything incredible already present within our communities. It also represents all the positive attributes that can be infused into technology. 

EazyDone makes life easier for parents and helps you choose how you spend your time. We tap into the power of community to find the Do’ers recommended by friends and neighbors. Then, we make those Do’ers available for you to book. And EazyDone is the ultimate life hack. Our app helps you outsource what you need so you can spend time on what you want. Have time to cook today, but need help cleaning the house? You can find an available cleaning person in your community who your neighbors have already recommended. 

EazyDone is also beneficial to local Do’ers. Because it is hyperlocal, service providers can grow their business quickly and provide services to people who live in their neighborhood. We streamline word-of-mouth recommendations so customers can easily find your service, book according to your availability, and pay securely through the app. EazyDone also hosts in-person and online events so you can network with other Do’ers in your area.”

What do you see in the future of EazyDone? 

“EazyDone’s success is based on trust and community. This is why we plan to grow where communities gather to address this pressing need of finding and booking Do’ers. My goal is to continue to expand EazyDone communities across the United States - the opportunities are endless!”

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