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Fall Family Photo Tips

Fall is the perfect season to capture a family photo for upcoming holiday cards. The weather is generally milder than summer or winter in New England, and the fall colors are a stunning backdrop. Here are five tips on how to make the most of your fall photo session this season.

  1. Find a recommended photographer. Each photographer has a different style, and it is a great idea to see examples of their work before you book a session. This way, there should be no big surprises when the pictures are done.

  2. Choose a great location. There are countless places to choose for family photos. Two ideas are either somewhere with beautiful fall foliage or a place that is meaningful to you (even better if you find both!)

  3. Don’t forget to layer. It can get cold in the fall, and there is nothing worse than shivering and teeth chattering between photos, especially for small children. Another great tip to stay warm between shots is to bring a thermos of hot chocolate or another warm drink!

  4. Capture candid moments. Often the best photos are the ones that are not staged. One suggestion is to take photos in a local playground and let your kiddos have fun to capture their joy and happiness. This also helps keep wiggling children happy!

  5. And don’t forget to smile. Family photos are a wonderful tradition and so much fun to look back on as your family grows.

Haven’t booked a photographer for your family’s fall photos? Don’t worry, we have Do’ers on our website that can help. Check out their profiles today.

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