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Spring into Spring and Start Enjoying the Warmer Weather!

Updated: Apr 4

Writing a spring checklist

We can’t believe it either, but spring is almost officially here! And now is the perfect time to start outsourcing some spring services. Check out our top four list below:

  1. Schedule family pictures: Springtime marks the beginning of preparation for major milestones. Whether it's graduation, Senior Prom, or just a new family portrait, many photographers consider the bright, cool spring weather ideal for photoshoots.  If you want to capture the moment, now is the time to book a professional photographer. 

  2. Deep clean your house: The warmer spring temperatures often signal a time of rebirth for many, bringing people out of their winter hibernation. Now that you’re opening your windows and packing the chunky sweaters, spring is the perfect time to declutter and deep clean your home. Go into the warmer months more organized and less stressed so you can focus on planning that summer vacation!

  3. Put your house on the market: Spring is not only the best time to clean your home but also the ideal time to sell it. Research shows homes sold for the highest prices in April, May, and June. If you needed that push to get started, here it is!

  4. Book your end-of-the-year party DJ:  With big milestones come big celebrations. Whether you believe it or not, graduation is just around the corner, and parties take a lot of energy to plan. Now is the perfect time to book a DJ and check that off your list.

EazyDone knows it takes time and energy to finish everything on this list. We not only have trusted Do’ers in your neighborhood who can help, but we would also love to know your favorite service provider so we can share their information with your community. Send us an email with their name and email, and we will take care of the rest!

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