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MathPlus School has one of the most advanced math programs in the US. The main goal of our curriculum is to drive our students to excel in math at all school grades, win math Olympiads and get admitted to the best colleges.

Our classes are small, not more than 6 children, allowing for individualized attention to each student. Our approach to teaching mathematics is quite different from other schools. Our main goal is to show children the beauty of mathematics.

MathPlus School offers after-school enrichment programs for children of Preschool age through 10th grade; covering diverse subjects such as:

  • Preschool and Kindergarten Math
  • Advanced Math Program Grade K-10
  • Math Olympiad

Our innovative math curriculum combines advanced math concepts and topics, theorem proofs and Olympiad type problems, that are complementary to school programs.

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Bella Gerscht

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Math Plus Advanced Math Program
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