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Age: 5-7 years old Does your child always ask to cook with you? Do you want to, but sometimes lose patience or not have the time? This is an opportunity for your child to explore their love of food and cooking in a private, in-home session, and be so proud of themself  for making food for their family! I will come to your home with all the ingredients and printed recipe(s).We will create a snack (sweet or savory) that your child can make again and again. The kitchen will be left as clean as when we started! Once you book, I will contact you to pick a recipe with your child, and so you can let me know of any food allergies or dietary guidelines you/they follow.

All timeslots are Eastern Standard Time.


Gabrielle Simons

50-minute in-person cooking class for your 5-7 year-old!
Street: Botolph
City: Melrose
State: MA
Zip Code: 02176