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Digitizing Videotapes (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8mm, Mini-DVR, DVD, Mini-DVD) to USB Thumb Drive or DVD. Files can also be uploaded to a cloud server from which you can download. Imagine all of your videotapes - even 50 or 100 of them - all on a single USB Thumb Drive!

We can meet in person for pickup & delivery, but I've found it more productive to have a phone call to go over the services you're interested in and discuss options. Booking your appointment will actually result in a "no obligation" phone call with me, when we can talk about your project and decide on the best way to move forward (the charge from the booking will not occur until I've actually received and completed your work).  

Videotapes to either USB or DVD*

• 1-4 tapes: $30 apiece ($40 w/DVD)

• 5-9 tapes: all tapes drop to $25 ($35 w/DVD)

• 10-19 tapes: all tapes drop to $20 ($30 w/DVD)

• 20+ tapes: all tapes drop to $15 ($25 w/DVD)

Additional DVDs per tape $10 apiece - optional cloud upload, $3/file

* up to 2 hours per tape - longer tapes subject to additional cost

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Digitizing Videotapes, Photos, Slides & Audio Cassettes to USB Thumb Drive or DVDs
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